ins and outs of pre-employment background

Ins and outs of pre-employment background

Performing a background check on a potential employee can reveal important information about that person so you can make the best hiring decision for your business.  Background check companies use online technology and in-person searches to discover the details of someone's past, including if they have any felony convictions, misdemeanors, etc.  The results of these checks are then compiled into easy-to-read reports.

  Many background check companies offer preset packages, or bundled plans, so you can conduct multiple types of searches in one plan and at one price.  Many services will let you add on additional screenings;  However, some offer strictly a la carte options.

  There's a lot that goes into choosing a background check agency for your business: the specific searches you need, your budget and your allotted timeframe (how quickly you need the results).

  To help you find the best employee background check services, we researched and analyzed several companies.  Our top recommendations for background check services are below, but to learn more about the ins and outs of pre-employment background checks, read our guide to choosing a background check company.

Ins and outs of pre-employment background 

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