Best Background Check Services

Best Background Check Services 

Employers put a lot of work into finding the right candidate for a job opening. The posting is shared on a number of job boards, prospective employee applications are reviewed, interviews and aptitude tests are conducted, and references are contacted. Unfortunately, in some cases, this vetting process still isn’t enough since all of these steps may fail to reveal the true history of the potential hire being considered, which may result in a new employee who hasn’t been entirely forthcoming about their past. While doing a Google search to check a potential hire’s social media pages can give some background information on the person, it barely scratches the surface compared to what a great background check service is able to do. Many businesses may want to hire someone with a clean criminal background report since it demonstrates trustworthiness. And in some industries, like those that work closely with children, background checks may even be a mandatory part of the hiring process. Background check reports cover more than just criminal history, however. They are also very helpful in verifying all of the details about a potential new employee’s past, including work history, credit history, and even driving history. All of these factors can shed insight on important details to help you better understand who someone is before you extend an official job offer.  Even if a background check simply verifies what a potential employee has revealed, it can provide a measure of confidence for you as an employer as you onboard them to your team. Whether you operate in an industry where background checks are mandatory, or you simply want to improve your hiring process, there are a number of background check companies that can help you dig beyond the information in a potential new hire’s cover letter. It’s important to note, however, that not all background screening services are the same. Some go well beyond a basic criminal background check, while others are more simplistic in nature and cater to businesses that want to cross-reference court records to ensure employees have clean criminal records. This article breaks down what to look for when choosing a background check company, the various features and add-ons offered, and how to make an educated decision when considering which background check company to work with. Why you need a background check company There are three main reasons why businesses use background screening companies. Obviously, as the name suggests, these services look into the background of potential employees and can help to verify that the information provided by the employee is true and accurate. But the background check process is about much more than just getting to the truth. One of the main reasons to run a background screening is if a business operates in a sensitive industry. For example, businesses that work with children, like daycare providers, need to be absolutely sure that the people they are hiring have clean criminal records, and do not belong to the sex offender registry. A background check quickly makes management aware of situations where an applicant has broken the law, has committed abuse against children or is a registered sex offender. It’s important to note, however, that not all background checks in sensitive industries are looking for just criminal records. Financial businesses that work with cash or client’s money need to be able to trust that their employees won’t be tempted to steal from the business or their clients. Checking someone’s background for financial crimes, as well as credit history, helps ensure that new hires are trustworthy and that funds stay safe. The second reason a company may need employment screening is to remain in compliance with their own hiring policies. There are many industries that are not “sensitive” industries that don’t necessarily need to run background checks on job candidates.  But they do so anyways to ensure safety in the workplace, as well as validate that what someone is saying is actually true. So, in situations like this, background checks essentially provide peace of mind. Many people instantly think of criminal checks when they think of a traditional background check. But there’s typically a lot of information included than that alone.  One common thing that potential employees are often tempted to exaggerate about during their hiring process is their level of experience or work history. A background check is a fast and easy way to verify work history. It may also reveal omissions from someone’s application which could indicate that this person was fired or relieved of their duties, and unwilling to share that part of their work history. What’s more, some businesses have employees who operate motor vehicles and/or heavy equipment. As part of their insurance policy agreement, there may be a need for both license verification and confirmation of a clean driving record. And in some cases, an employer may conduct pre-employment screening simply to verify that their new employees do not have a history of theft or other petty crimes that may indicate they are more likely to steal products or supplies. Finally, some businesses perform background checks on existing employees as part of their policies or when they choose to update policies. A background check during the initial hiring process may not reveal any red flags, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that someone may not run into trouble while working for the company. Many employers perform regular online background checks to ensure that the person working for them is still in good standing and has not encountered any issues that could compromise their ability to complete their job or be a positive asset for the business. When you need a comprehensive background check company The most common time to run a background search is during the hiring process. This can be a very valuable tool to assist human resources when vetting candidates. And for small businesses without a dedicated HR team, a background check can make the hiring process easier. Usually, a background check is not the first part of the hiring process, since applicants must consent to the screening process. Not to mention, checking every applicant could prove to be costly if there is no intention of hiring them or even interviewing them. Typically, a background check is performed after an interview when a final shortlist of candidates has been identified. This helps keep costs low since you’re only performing background checks on applicants who have a chance of being hired. Another common time that companies will perform a background check is when they are adding employees to their insurance policy or changing insurance policies altogether. Insurers need to know the driving records of all employees who will be listed on the policy. Major driving infractions could mean drastic increases in policy premiums and, depending on the severity of the infraction, that an employee is ineligible to be added to the company insurance policy altogether. There are occasionally some situations where an employee background check may be needed after a new employee has already been hired. For example, if there are questions that an employee lied on their application to get the job, then a background check may be one of the fastest, easiest, and most accurate ways to verify whether the employee has been truthful or not. Policy changes that require background checks could also apply to previously hired employees. How to choose a background check company – and what to look for Background check companies all offer a basic service which typically includes a public records check for criminal history. They also typically include things like phone numbers, real estate and address history, marriages and divorces, bankruptcies and sometimes even family members.  Some may dig deeper into employment history, while others check consumer reporting agencies for credit history. And some may even include drug testing. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an employment background check company. Features The best background check services offer a range of different features and options. As such, it’s important to identify the background check items that are most important to your specific hiring needs. On the most basic level, most background check providers can run criminal background checks in the United States. But for many businesses, this simply isn’t enough.  Additional information may include: Driving history checks that identify employees with serious driving infractions. For businesses with employees who operate vehicles on a company insurance policy, this is a very important feature to consider. Employment history verification checks to identify potential issues where an employee may have lied about their experience or omitted an employer from their application altogether. This can also help when it comes to reference checks. Cross-referencing names against watch lists. While these potential new hires may not have committed a crime, being on a watch list could affect their ability to travel for work. Multiple country searches, which expand background checks beyond just the borders of the United States. For employers that hire from around the world or operate in multiple countries, this type of background check is necessary as basic checks typically only look into records available in the United States. Verification of education. This feature gives employers a way to confirm that a potential new hire has attended the institution they claim to and, in addition, that they actually graduated. This is extremely important for businesses where a certain level of education or degree is necessary, like accounting, architecture, and engineering. Credit history and bankruptcy information, which is critical for employees who will be working with large sums of money and/or expensive items.  While some businesses may feel uncomfortable about running a credit check on a potential employee, a poor credit situation is a good indicator of financial hardship, which may make someone more tempted to steal. The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970 ensures that the information found during a credit check is accurate, which should assuage fears that a check will bring up false or misleading information. The speed at which a background check is delivered is also a key consideration to think about, particularly if you work in a competitive industry where top talent is hired quickly.  Just keep in mind that the more comprehensive a background check is, the longer it’s going to take to receive it since different searches sometimes take longer than others. Pricing Due to the wide range of features offered by background check companies, there is an equally wide range of pricing options available. Some services are free, while others can run as high as $79.99 per background check. While staying within a budget is important, running an adequate background check is equally important. For businesses with basic background check needs, using a free background check website may prove to be enough. Collecting information from countries other than the United States, watch list cross-referencing, and background checks for high-level executives are typically only available from paid background check providers. As with many things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to background checks, and how much you pay will ultimately come down to your unique hiring needs. Ease of use A background check is an important part of the hiring process, and if you’re like most people, you would probably prefer it if the process of requiring and analyzing a background check was seamless. As such, ease of use is an important feature to consider when evaluating background check providers. As a general rule of thumb, free services require much more involvement from users. While the service itself will list out records for employees and/or potential hires, you’ll still be on the hook for following the links and sifting through all of the information yourself, which is often a time-consuming process. Paid services, on the other hand, provide a much more user-friendly experience. In some cases, the background check company will even deliver a high-level summary so that you don’t have to sort through all the nitty-gritty details. The user interface is also important. Many of the records returned in a background check can be complicated to analyze. Using a service that breaks things down in a manner that’s easy to read and digest is a useful feature that makes reviewing background checks quick and easy. Customer service Having access to customer service after requesting a background check is essential, since some results may generate more questions than answers. Quality customer service can walk you through issues, as well as answer your questions so that you can make sense of the information you’re looking at.  Thankfully, in addition to trained customer service representatives, many of the best services maintain extensive FAQ databases and tutorials as well. Keeping all of these things in mind, here are our top 4 picks for best background check companies. Top 4 best background check companies for employers   TransUnion ShareAble for Hires – Best for employers Overall: 4.8 Features: 4.0 Price: 4.5 Ease of Use: 5 Customer Service: 5 Designed specifically for the small business owner, ShareAble for Hires delivers accurate information fast so you can minimize turnover time and stay profitable.  ShareAble helps small business owners make better hiring decisions by providing an online, self-service solution that delivers fast, reliable and easy-to-perform employment background checks, that include criminal records across state and federal databases. TransUnion ShareAble for Hires makes employment screening fast and easy.  It helps small businesses vet job candidates quicker and make that important hire faster and with more confidence. With less effort required to screen applicants, your time is free to spend on other important tasks, like running your business.   AccurateNow – Best for application verification Overall: 4.65 Features: 4.0 Price: 4.5 Ease of Use: 5 Customer Service: 5 For many employers, the level of education and experience their potential hires have is an important consideration. After all, without an adequate level of experience, a new hire may be ineligible for the job. This can lead some applicants to exaggerate or falsify their history. With AccurateNow, employers can easily verify education and employment history, in addition to running things like criminal records checks. Best of all, AccurateNow offers some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. So, if you’re looking to fill a position quickly, AccurateNow may be one of the best options to quickly and accurately verify the information a potential hire has provided. See the full AccurateNow review here.   GoodHire – Best for multiple hires Overall: 4.25 Features: 4.0 Price: 3.5 Ease of Use: 4.5 Customer Service: 5 For businesses that need to hire multiple employees at the same time, and those that are regularly adding to their teams, GoodHire is a fantastic option for background checks. For starters, their automated processes mean that information only needs to be added to the system once. For future checks, these steps are easily duplicated, which expedites the process and frees up time to focus on more meaningful tasks. What’s more, their customer service is second-to-none, with in-house HR advisers on standby to help employers maintain compliance. Plus, once a background check is complete, employers receive automatic updates to ensure nothing is missed. While GoodHire is the most expensive background check company on this list, it does offer a level of service that most other providers do not match. See the full GoodHire review here.   HireRight – Best for multinational businesses Overall: 4.1 Features: 4.5 Price: 3.5 Ease of Use: 5 Customer Service: 3.5 As the Internet makes it easier for businesses to “go global,” it’s not uncommon for businesses to hire employees in multiple locations outside of the United States. This can make running background checks difficult, if not impossible, since it often becomes necessary to find a local service in each county where the hiring will take place. HireRight helps alleviate this stress by offering background checks on individuals living in the United States, as well as abroad. Despite this level of service, and the complexities that often arise when trying to collect information from overseas entities, HireRight still offers exceptional turnaround times for background checks. Many are delivered within two days, and the user interface is incredibly friendly to use for both employers and employees. One notable downside of choosing HireRight is that their customer service is lackluster in comparison to many other major players in the industry.  It’s important to note, however, that there are few other services that offer a global reach like HireRight (Source:

Best Background Check Services 

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Best Background Check Services 

Best Background Check Sites for Employers Stonecrest Ga

Best Background Check Sites for Employers Stonecrest Ga

May 27, 2020

Background Report: The whole process with Background Report can be done online.
Accurate Now: This company offers straightforward pricing and explanations of what the service includes.
GoodHire: This online service is great for business owners and known for its simple user interface.
Employment Screening Resources: This service was founded by a hiring attorney.
HireRight: HireRight is one of the best background checks for international companies.
IntelliCorp: With this service, you can also gain access to a training section of the site that helps you stay compliant with hiring laws.
Verified Credentials: Offers personal and commercial background checks.
Justifacts: Every client is assigned an account manager to help them out.
InfoMart: Can help you with industry-specific background checks.
Checkr: You can use Checkr on your mobile device and it’s good for part-time gig workers or full-time ones.
Onfido: In addition to background checks you can also get help with onboarding new employees from Onfido.
Trusted Employees: This company has been in business for decades and can help you get all of the information you need before hiring someone.
Asurint: Asurint has a dedicated customer service team to help with all of your hiring needs. Personalized services with AGoodEmployee start at just $29.95 a month.
SterlingOne: This service is one of the best background checks for checking criminal records.
If you’re bringing on a new employee, you know it is a risky process that requires lots of resources. Along with training and compensation costs, you must find a reliable background check company to make sure that these expenses turn out to be a good investment and not a money-pit nightmare. Using one of the best background check websites available to perform a record search is key to making this process go smoothly.
But for every reputable, dependable, and accurate pre-employment screening service, there’s a scam background check site, too. We don’t want you to waste your precious time and resources getting duped, so we’ve assembled a list of the best background check sites on the market. Using one of these services will guarantee you are equipped with the most accurate and reputable information before you make any HR decisions.
But before we get to the list, let’s learn a bit more about what a background check is, exactly

Best Background Check Sites for Employers Stonecrest Ga

Tags: Best Background Check Sites for Employers Stonecrest Ga

Best Background Check Sites for Employers Stonecrest Ga

Best Background Check Services Websites

15 Best Background Check Websites to Search for Reliable Info

Updated on May 26, 2020

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Best Background Check Sites for Employers

Background Report: The whole process with Background Report can be done online.

Accurate Now: This company offers straightforward pricing and explanations of what the service includes.

GoodHire: This online service is great for business owners and known for its simple user interface.

Employment Screening Resources: This service was founded by a hiring attorney.

HireRight: HireRight is one of the best background checks for international companies.

IntelliCorp: With this service, you can also gain access to a training section of the site that helps you stay compliant with hiring laws.

Verified Credentials: Offers personal and commercial background checks.

Justifacts: Every client is assigned an account manager to help them out.

InfoMart: Can help you with industry-specific background checks.

Checkr: You can use Checkr on your mobile device and it’s good for part-time gig workers or full-time ones.

Onfido: In addition to background checks you can also get help with onboarding new employees from Onfido.

Trusted Employees: This company has been in business for decades and can help you get all of the information you need before hiring someone.

Asurint: Asurint has a dedicated customer service team to help with all of your hiring needs. Personalized services with AGoodEmployee start at just $29.95 a month.

SterlingOne: This service is one of the best background checks for checking criminal records.

If you’re bringing on a new employee, you know it is a risky process that requires lots of resources. Along with training and compensation costs, you must find a reliable background check company to make sure that these expenses turn out to be a good investment and not a money-pit nightmare. Using one of the best background check websites available to perform a record search is key to making this process go smoothly.
But for every reputable, dependable, and accurate pre-employment screening service, there’s a scam background check site, too. We don’t want you to waste your precious time and resources getting duped, so we’ve assembled a list of the best background check sites on the market. Using one of these services will guarantee you are equipped with the most accurate and reputable information before you make any HR decisions.
But before we get to the list, let’s learn a bit more about what a background check is, exactly.

What Is a Background Check?

A background check is a process used to verify that a person is who they say they are. This process is done using an individual’s criminal, employment, financial, and eduction records, along with other documentation. For employers, a background check typically takes place after someone applies for a job, or before they offer someone a job. To run a background check, an employer needs the individual’s consent, along with their date of birth, Social Security number, and current address.
Employment background checks can include a wide range of criteria, such as social media activity, driving records, and a drug screening. Note that different states have different laws regarding background checks.

The 15 Best Background Check Services

In our research, here are the companies we’ve found to provide best background check websites to use when hiring new employees.
With these, you’ll be able to perform a reliable search of any criminal background and do a thorough vetting of new staff before hiring:

1. Background Report

Background Report is an easy, DIY option for people wanting to start and finish the entire background check process online.
This service is designed to be inclusive, allowing for the job candidate to see results, provide feedback, and dispute or explain them if necessary. Basic background checks start at $19.95. Visit their website for more information.

2. Accurate Now

Accurate Now offers automated background checks for small and medium-sized businesses.
The company offers U.S.-based support along with a straightforward pricing structure that ranges from $29.95 for a basic report to $74.95 for a premium report. More information is available on their website.

3. GoodHire

California-based GoodHire offers a hassle-free online portal for business owners who need pre-employment screening services.
The firm has been recognized for its easy-to-use user interface and excellent customer service. GoodHire provides package and quote-based pricing. Click here to get your estimate.

4. Employment Screening Resources

Employment Screening Resources (ESR) was founded in 1997 by hiring attorney Lester Rosen.
Based in San Francisco, ESR has leadership well-versed in labor and hiring law and offers U.S.-based data processing to deliver their services. For pricing, contact the ESR sales team at (888)-999-4474.

5. HireRight

HireRight offers pre-employment screening in more than 240 countries and territories and can handle applicants in 20 languages.
The HireRight platform also offers a number of integrations for existing e-recruiting applications. Reach out to request a free quote.

6. IntelliCorp

Intellicorp provides a full range of best background check services and will work with you to create a program that meets your organizational needs.
With IntelliCorp you also have access to an online learning center full of materials to help you stay compliant in your hiring practices. To get a quote, submit a form through their website.

7. Verified Credentials

Verified Credentials provides both personal and commercial background check services.
The personal background check is useful for people who want to know what information is displayed when a potential employer looks into their background. Basic background checks start at $32. For more, visit the Verified Credentials website.

8. Justifacts

Justifacts has been around since 1982 and provides pre-employment screening services to small businesses and enterprise organizations.
Each Justifacts client is assigned an account manager to help personalize the screening process and interpret report results. To learn about pricing, request more information through the Justifacts website.

9. InfoMart

Based in Marietta, Georgia, Infomart helps clients develop pre-employment screening procedures that are industry specific. Services include verifications, credit history checks, and background reports.
They’ll even do background checks for your suppliers or any interns you’re looking to hire. Reach out for a free consultation.

10. Checkr

A newer startup, Checkr has become the go-to choice of many technology companies—both big and small.
The company is an automated and mobile-friendly platform that’s well set up to handle gig workers as well as full-time staff. To learn more, schedule on demo on their website.

11. Onfido

If you see your business in a big growth phase, you might want to consider something like Onfido.
On top of performing background checks for both the U.S. and U.K., this startup also ties in on-boarding, too, with its automation platform. Request a quote on the Onfido website.

12. Trusted Employees

Based in Minnesota, Trusted Employees is an Fair Credit Reporting Act-compliant service that has been in the background check business for the past 20 years.
Their team of experts works with small business owners to customize background checks to their industry, business type, and the position they’re hiring for. Background checks start at $29.95.

13. Asurint

Cleveland-based background check firm Asurint offers background check solutions and onboarding services tailored to your business needs.
Their dedicated customer service team is also available to resolve any issue. Request a product demo on their website.

14.’s background check services come with personalized support, providing you with answers to your questions related to compliance, data, and next steps.
The service offers four different background check packages ranging from $29.95 to $199.95. Learn more on their website.

15. SterlingOne

SterlingOne specalizes in criminal background checks by using proprietary data to access over 2,300 county’s court records. When information isn’t available digitally, SterlingOne has court runners who will travel to the physical courthouse to request documentation. To learn more, visit the SterlingOne website.

Honorable Mention: AccuSource

AccuSource specializes in custom-built solutions. While some background screening companies only offer pre-built packages, AccuSource assesses the specific goals of each of their clients and builds a personalized background screening program from the ground up. Request a quote by filling out a form on their website.

How to Spot the Best Background Check Site

While we feel the background check sites we have provided are among some of your best background check options, you may decide you want to go in a different direction. If so, here’s what you should know about choosing the best background check service for you and protecting yourself against scams.

1. Know Your Pre-Employment Screening Needs

According to private investigator Ari Morse of BestPI, your background check company should be able to walk you through the screening process to mitigate the risks of lawsuits. There are several small and nuanced protocols of criminal background checks, and they often vary on an industry-by-industry basis. For that reason, it’s best to work with a background check company that can tailor pre-employment screening and background search packages to suit your needs.
For example, if you need to screen a job candidate who’s lived in multiple counties, your best background check company will have connections to fetch updated records from local county courthouses. The multi-jurisdictional databases can be outdated from one county to the next—so this part will be important.
Your vendor should also be familiar with common scams and crimes related to your industry. Maybe your employment sector has higher exposure to crime than other types of industries. In this case, your screening firm might point out that you need drug screens along with driving records to perform a background check.

2. Look for Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Compliance

There are many online background check search databases that claim to be valid. But if the database isn’t Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant, you shouldn’t be using it to screen employment candidates.
The FCRA was enacted to make sure that credit agencies and other consumer reporting agencies (like background check companies) provide accurate information for individuals whose information will be used in decisions including hiring and business lending.
Check the terms of service for sites you use to perform background checks to ensure the data they are providing is FCRA compliant. Using information that is not FCRA compliant to make employment decisions could open you up to possible lawsuits.
What do we mean? Say you Google an employment candidate and find an eight-year-old mugshot image of the person. You might decide not go ahead with the hire once you see that. But this kind of search is not FCRA compliant for a few reasons:

Non-conviction criminal information can only be reported up to seven years.

The image might not contain enough personally identifiable information to be a true match.

The image could be related to an arrest that did not turn into a conviction or a conviction that was expunged.

If you decided against hiring someone on this basis, you could very likely have a lawsuit on your hands. So, think again before you perform a web search that might produce information you can’t actually use for pre-employment screening services. (Again, this is why you get a reliable background check company to do the work for you!)

3. Know Your Pre-Employment Screening Risks

Remember, FCRA compliance is everything. Avoid databases like USA People Search, People Finders, or similar websites. These aren’t approved for pre-employment screening purposes—and running a criminal background check on these sites could expose you to liability.
You also want to work with a firm that can help you develop a protocol for screening employees. A good company with experience in this area can guide you through deciphering the information in these reports. They can help you handle going over this information with a potential candidate to confirm or deny the accuracy of the information you’ve dug up.
Background checks can get unwieldy and expose you to risks you might not have considered—think about getting a candidate’s permission to perform the screen and having to deal with adverse and pre-adverse action letters, for instance. So, working with an experienced partner can help. Ideally, work with a company that has people experienced in your industry.

4. Look for Accreditation

Finding the best background check site for your business can be confusing because so many exist (do a quick web search and you’ll find that out quickly!). To help filter the list down, look for important credentials that indicate a reputable business.
One accreditation standard comes from the Professional Background Screening Association. You can check their directory for background check companies that make the grade. Some companies also have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If they aren’t BBB accredited, you can at least check their BBB profile for ratings.

5. Watch out for Unrealistic Claims

Many background check companies claim that they can provide a “national search” or “multi-jurisdictional” search for background checks. There’s no true national registry that can provide updated information for every single jurisdiction. Criminal convictions can happen at the municipal, state, county, and federal levels. Plus, the federal crime database is not searchable by date of birth or social security number.
Any online background search site that makes that claim is dubious—so look elsewhere.
Once you’ve identified a site that you feel is a reliable background check company for your business needs, make sure you understand the information that’s actually available through the background check. If you need something more extensive, reach out to someone in customer service who might be able to modify your background check package.

The Bottom Line

Whichever service you use to check a potential employee’s background, make sure you’re familiar with your responsibility as an employer. Hiring is an important decision, so make sure you have all of the information you need while also minimizing your exposure to risk. Working with one of the best, FCRA-compliant background check sites should help—and this list is a great place to begin

15 Best Background Check Websites to Search for Reliable Info

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How to Find Mugshots

How to Find Mugshots

May 22, 2020

The most memorable part of any arrest record is the mugshot: the photograph of the offender soon after being booked. You can find mugshots online by checking one of many websites. You may also want other arrest record information, which you can find online or by visiting the courthouse.

Finding Mugshots Online

Search the FindMugshots website. Go to the website here: Enter the first and last name, as well as the state. Click “Search.”You can also browse if you don’t have a name. Go to, click on the state you want to search, and then select the county or city.
After selecting the county or city, you can browse by first letter of the last name.

Browse on the PrisonHandbook website. Visit here: At the website, choose your state. You will be taken to a list of jails.Select a jail and read how to view mugshots. There might be a link to the jail’s website, where you can search for mugshots. The links will be at the bottom of the page under “Links and Resources,” so scroll all the way down the page.
Not all jails let you view mugshots online.

Visit your state’s department of corrections website. Every state in the U.S. should have a website, and you can use the inmate locator to find information about the prisoner. Some states will also publish mugshots.[1]Type “your state” and “department of corrections” into your favorite web browser.
You can find links to state department of corrections websites here:
At the website, look for a link that says “Prisoner Search,” “Offender Search,” “Prisoner Locator” or something similar. You can usually search by prisoner number or name.

Search your state’s sex offender registry. In the U.S., every state has a sex offender registry, which you can find by searching on Google. A sex offender registry is a good resource because it will contain mugshots even in states that don’t normally provide mugshots.[2]You can search using basic information, such as the offender’s name. If you want to see all of the offenders in your area, there should be an option to search by location as well.
The person must have been convicted of a sex offense for their information to appear in the registry. Accordingly, the number of mugshots might be limited.

Check your local sheriff and police department websites. Some law enforcement agencies host mugshots online, which you can view for free. Not many do, however, so this shouldn’t be your first place to check. You’ll need to know the county where the person was booked.[3]

Use an app. You can download some apps to your smartphone and search for mugshots. One popular app is JailBase. You can search millions of arrest records for free. The app does not have records for all counties in the U.S., but it is adding to its list daily.[4]

Searching for Arrest Records

Stop into the police station. Your local police station should have arrest records for the city. Stop in during normal business hours to request a report.[5] You may need to fill out a form and pay a processing fee.Arrest records are public records, so they should be generally available. However, the true availability depends on your location. In some places, only a lawyer can get the records, whereas other records might have identifying information removed.[6]

Visit the county courthouse. Smaller counties usually don’t have an online database you can search. Instead, you need to visit the courthouse. Go to the courthouse for the county where the person was arrested.[7]If the courthouse is far away, call and ask how you can find arrest records. The clerk should explain the process.

Search a state or county website. Some states have arrest records online for free. Check the websites for both the county courthouse and the local police department. Enter as much information as you have about the person, including their name and date of birth.[8]

Check the Federal Bureau of Prisons website. In the U.S., people convicted of federal crimes will be held in federal prison. You can search for inmates through the Federal Bureau of Prisons website.[9]This website doesn’t have arrest records available. However, it will tell you whether a person was ever in federal prison and when they were released. The website has information as far back as 1982.

Pay for a background check. Many online websites collect arrest records. You can search by the person’s name and the state where you think they were arrested.Be warned that most online sites will charge you. Often, they don’t advertise this fact on their home page. Instead, they run their report and then tell you how much you have to pay to access it.
Some websites might offer the information for free, but you’ll have to dig to find them. By far, most websites requirement payment.

How to Find Mugshots

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Best Criminal Records Services In Maryland

Best Criminal Records Services In Maryland

What defines a Criminal Record in Maryland?

A criminal record is an official document that documents a person’s criminal history. It contains information assembled from various departments as well as district courts, circuit courts and correctional facilities across the state. Criminal records in Maryland are classified as public records. This means members of the public have a broad to inspect or access records, in compliance with the Maryland Public Information Act. Criminal records may be obtained through a number of courts, police departments, and the official Maryland State Records Online Database.

What Information is Provided in a Criminal Record?

Criminal records vary between individuals. Some of the information that may be provided in a record includes the:

Subject’s date of Birth

Subject’s full name

Photograph or Mugshot

Details of past arrests


Physical descriptors such as hair color, eye color, tattoos a1nd more

Any pending charges

What is an Arrest Record?

Arrest records in Maryland contain an official summary of people’s arrest history. It details whether a person has been apprehended, questioned, taken into custody or placed in detention. It also provides information on any charges or indictments for a felony, misdemeanor or any other offense.

What is an Arrest Warrant?

An arrest warrant is an official document that authorizes law enforcement officials to apprehend and put the named person(s) in custody. It is signed and issued by a judge or magistrate on behalf of the local and state jurisdictions. In Maryland, the police can arrest a person for committing a crime even without a warrant. In most cases, this occurs when the person commits the crime in an officer’s presence.

What is a Misdemeanor?

Misdemeanors are non-indictable offenses that are generally not as serious as a felony. Unlike most states, the state of Maryland does not classify its misdemeanor crimes into separate classes. Instead, penalties are given based on the statute governing the offense. Maryland misdemeanors may have fines up to $5,000 and carry sentences as high as ten years imprisonment. Some of the common misdemeanor crimes in Maryland include:



Assault in the second degree

Reckless Driving

Petty theft (of property or service valued less than $1,000)

Driving under the influence

What is a Felony?

A felony offense in Maryland is a criminal conviction with a minimum sentence of more than 1 year. It is served in a county jail or state prison. A felony in Maryland is a serious crime that is punishable by death or a term of one year or more in prison. Maryland does not classify felony crimes into different classes. The Maryland criminal statutes offer the possible penalties for each individual felony with penalties. Examples of felonies in Maryland include:



Drug possession with intent to distribute


Distributing a controlled substance


Sexual Assault

Armed robbery or larceny-theft over $1,000

Arson, burglary and other crimes against property

Assault in the first degree


What is a Sex Offender Listing?

A sex offender listing contains a compilation of public information on persons convicted of committing a sex crime. It allows law enforcement officers to track convicted offenders. Like most states, the state of Maryland categorizes sex crimes into first-, second-, third- and fourth-degree sexual offenses. The length of time required for registration is based on the degree of a sex crime. In addition, judges are given discretion as to whether they need registration for crimes besides the charges listed under the sex offender registration law.

How to Find Sex Offender Records in Maryland

Residents of Maryland can obtain information by searching through the online database managed by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.  Searches can be filtered by address, county, zip code, name and proximity to a higher institution of learning.

What is Megan's Law?

Megan's Law is the term for state laws that create and keep up a sex offender registry, which provides information on registered sex offenders to the public. The first Megan's Law appeared after the rape and murder of 7-year-old New Jersey resident Megan Kanka by a sex offender who lived in the girl's own neighborhood. Soon after passage of this first Megan's Law, the federal government implemented a requirement that all states set up sex offender registries and offer the public with information about those registered. The Maryland Sex Offender Registry is one of many important tools that families can use to protect themselves, their children, and those they care for from people with criminal sexual behaviors.

What is a Serious Traffic Violation?

Serious traffic violations in Maryland are traffic infractions that incur steeper penalties than misdemeanor infractions. Serious traffic violations tend to include offenses that involve damage to property, serious bodily injury, death or disregard of public safety. Unlike some minor traffic violations which are payable offenses, serious traffic violations in Maryland are categorized as must-appear offenses. Individuals convicted of these offenses risk having their license suspended or revoked, depending on their driving history and severity of the violation.  Examples of serious traffic violations in Maryland include:

Automobile Manslaughter

Evading the police

Multiple DUIs

DUI that leads to a fatality

Leaving the scene of an accident

Driving while suspended

What is a Conviction Record?

A conviction record details the outcome of a criminal court case, if a person pleads guilty, is found guilty or pleaded no contest. The charges listed on the record may be categorized as a misdemeanor, felony, or any other offense. Convictions do not include a final judgment deleted by a pardon, set aside, reversed or otherwise rendered inoperative.

What are Jail and Inmate Records?

Jail and inmate records are official documents of information about a person’s current and sometimes past inmate status. A person who is in jail or considered an inmate is someone deprived of his/her civil liberties while on trial for a crime, or a person serving a sentence after being convicted of a crime. The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services maintains an inmate database that contains core information like the inmate’s name, incarceration date, expected release date, convicted offense and sometimes photos.

What are Parole Records?

Parole records in Maryland are an official document that includes information about the release of a prisoner who agreed to certain conditions before completion of their maximum sentence. While the prisoner is on supervised parole, the parole commission will require that the individual pays a monthly supervision fee. This fee cannot be less than $30 unless the board agrees to accept a lower fee after determining the inability of the prisoner to pay. The board may also impose any conditions of parole it deems necessary to ensure the best interests of the prisoner and the citizens of Maryland are served.

What are Maryland Probation Records?

Probation records are official documents that show when a person receives probation as an alternative to prison. Probation allows people convicted of a crime in Maryland to serve their sentences out of custody, as long as they follow probation conditions imposed by the judge and probation officer.

Probation is issued in proportion to the crime, so the length and nature of probation differ (sometimes drastically) from case to case. Probation typically falls into three categories: minimally supervised, supervised and intensive. An intensive is a form of very strict probation that emphasizes punishment and control of the offender within the community.

What are Maryland Juvenile Criminal Records?

A juvenile criminal record is an official record of information about criminal activity committed by children or adolescents who are not yet of legal adult age. Juveniles are not considered convicted of a crime like an adult but instead, are found “adjudicated delinquent”. These criminal records are often mistakenly thought to be erased or expunged once a person becomes of legal adult age, but in fact, the record remains unless the person petitions to have it expunged. If a person was found adjudicated delinquent to a criminal offense, they do not have to respond “yes” if asked whether they have ever been convicted of a crime, unless the question specifically asks if they were ever adjudicated delinquent as well.

Maryland History and Accuracy of Criminal Records

The accuracy of criminal records data largely depends on the recordkeeping and technological capabilities of the jurisdiction where the record was assembled and later digitized. Maryland's criminal records archives usually tend to go back as far as the early 1970s—which is when different institutions began to compile criminal and arrest data into an organized, centralized database, much like we use today. Accuracy was more commonly affected by human error in the past. However, in the 1990s the quality and accuracy of recordkeeping improved exponentially due to the advent of the computer. As a result, the information provided on will vary from person to person.

The amount of criminal records information presented on varies from person to person. This is because different sources often have non-standardized state level protocols, storage classifications, requirements, organization and digitization processes for data collection.

Best Criminal Records Services In Maryland

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Imagine a scenario where you missed a pivotal detail and wound up recruiting a horrible worker. 

For managers, a pre work record verification is the most significant approach to ensure you're getting a decent worker. In any case, it's feasible for you to miss significant subtleties during this procedure. 

That is the place we come in. Continue perusing for our bit by bit manual for leading these individual verifications for the entirety of your workers. 

What to Do Before the Pre Employment Background Check 

There are a couple of things you should mind before you do a solitary check. These things guarantee that your organization is in full consistence with different laws and guidelines. 

In the first place, talk with your HR division about what you can and can't check. Furthermore, have them examine the lawful repercussions for how you utilize any data that you find in a check. 

Second, ensure you have a steady historical verification for each screening. This ensures you are reasonable for every imminent representative and that all your screenings is as exhaustive as could be expected under the circumstances. 

At last, if your check includes the credit of a worker, inquire about the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This demonstration decides both what your identity is permitted to check and how you are permitted to utilize their data once you have it. 

Since you have that arranged, read on to find each progression you should take for the individual verification process! 

The Criminal Record Check 

Ostensibly, one of the most significant strides out of sight check is the criminal record check. Be that as it may, there are a couple of rules you need to apply at the same time. 

For example, you are positively permitted to get some information about a candidate's criminal foundation and to explore it yourself. Yet, the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act of 1974 spots certain cutoff points on what you can do with this data. 

To be extra intensive, your business may lead a unique finger impression personal investigation on a planned worker. This is an extremely extraordinary approach to be careful, and the simple nearness of the unique mark check may fill in as an impediment for individuals with foundations you would consider a piece excessively obscure. 

Web-based social networking Background 

A progressively present day method of checking an imminent representative's experience is by examining their history via web-based networking media. While doing as such, you should concentrate on possibly implicating conduct. 

For example, individuals bragging about savage or illicit conduct via web-based networking media would clearly make for awful recruits. They could wind up making your organization look awful or even use organization assets to accomplish something unlawful. 

There may be pieces of information about standoffish conduct also. Occupation applicants with a past filled with supremacist or potentially chauvinist posts via web-based networking media may not function admirably with a various arrangement of individual workers. Also, it's reasonable they would make those representatives awkward. 

Be that as it may, you should be cautious when leading web-based social networking screening. On the off chance that the competitor discovers this is an essential purpose for them not finding a new line of work, they might have the option to guarantee separation, particularly if their post insinuated them being a piece of a secured class. 

Thinking pessimistically, such an up-and-comer could prosecute you and be granted remuneration. This is the reason internet based life screening ought to be one device in your tool compartment, however not alone. 

Credit Check 

A credit check is probably the most established technique for leading a pre work record verification. Furthermore, the data that it gives can be helpful to you and your organization. 

To begin with, you ought to set up if a credit check is required for this job. Ordinarily, a check is just essential if the candidate will be answerable for any part of organization accounts. 

It's additionally significant this is viewed as one of the more meddlesome methods of social affair information on a candidate. This is the reason numerous organizations possibly utilize this if there isn't an elective method of getting the data they require. 

In any case, a credit check is the most ideal approach to perceive how well an occupation competitor can deal with their own cash. This remaining parts probably the best gauge for how well they will have the option to oversee another person's cash. 

Accreditations Check 

Another extraordinary method to check a candidate's experience is to inspect their training and certifications. This lets you confirm the data they have given and furthermore check whether this individual is the best fit for work. 

At times, candidates might be intentionally submitting extortion by distorting their instruction and qualifications. In such cases, a look at causes you weed somebody who may be an exceptionally hazardous recruit. 

In different cases, the candidate may basically have instruction from a "confirmation plant." They may not be intentionally submitting extortion, yet you should in any case be careful about recruiting somebody with unsatisfactory training, particularly for significant positions. 

Reference Checks 

Normally, the last component of a pre work individual verification is to check the candidate's references. This permits you to have singular discussions with those individuals who may vouch for a candidate's quality. 

It is significant that you abstain from asking the references any unfair inquiries. Also, on the off chance that you are reaching references gave by the candidate, you may decide to think about what they state while taking other factors into consideration. 

At last, reference checks are perhaps the best apparatus for personal investigations. They permit you to converse with past administrators and associates and get an increasingly three-dimensional perspective on an imminent recruit. 

Joined with different checks, this ought to permit you to settle on your choice in regards to whether to enlist the up-and-comer or not! 

The Bottom Line 

On the off chance that you are understanding this, at that point you care about making the best working environment that you can. What's more, that implies having the best workers to team up with. 

You ensured they were the best when you directed their pre business individual verification. Presently, you have to make a point to keep your picked representatives fulfilled from everyday. 

USA Today Classifieds are an extraordinary expert on beginning and keeping up a quality business. To perceive how we can help improve your working environment, look at our virtuoso approaches to improve worker fulfillment. 









What if you missed a crucial detail and ended up hiring a terrible employee.
For employers, a pre employment background check is the most important way to make sure you’re gettiLLPng a good employee. However, it’s possible for you to miss important details during this process.
That’s where we come in. Keep reading for our step-by-step guide to conducting these background checks for all of your employees.

What to Do Before the Pre Employment Background Check

There are a few things you should check on before you do a single check. These things ensure that your company is in full compliance with various laws and regulations.
First, consult with your human resources department about what you can and cannot check. And have them research the legal ramifications for how you use any information that you find in a check.
Second, make sure you have a consistent background check for every screening. This makes sure you are fair to all prospective employees and that your every screening is as thorough as possible.
Finally, if your check involves the credit of an employee, research the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This act determines both who you are allowed to check and how you are allowed to use their information once you have it.
Now that you’ve got that sorted, read on to discover every step you should take for the background check process!

The Criminal Record Check

Arguably, one of the most important steps in the background check is the criminal record check. However, there are a few rules you have to apply while doing so.
For instance, you are certainly allowed to ask about an applicant’s criminal background and to research it yourself. But the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act of 1974 places certain limits on what you can do with this information.
To be extra thorough, your business may conduct a fingerprint background check on a prospective employee. This is a really great way to be thorough, and the mere presence of the fingerprint check may serve as a deterrent for people with backgrounds you would consider a bit too shady.

Social Media Background

A more modern way of checking a prospective employee’s background is by researching their history on social media. When doing so, you should focus on potentially incriminating behavior.
For instance, people boasting about violent or illegal behavior on social media would obviously make for bad hires. They could end up making your company look bad or even use company resources to do something illegal.
There may also be clues about antisocial behavior as well. Job candidates with a history of racist and/or sexist posts on social media may not work well with a diverse set of fellow employees. And it’s very likely they would make those employees uncomfortable.
However, you must be careful when conducting social media screening. If the candidate finds out this is a primary reason behind them not getting a job, they may be able to claim discrimination, especially if their post alluded to them being part of a protected class.
Worst case, such a candidate could take you to court and be awarded compensation. This is why social media screening should be one tool in your toolbox, but not the only one.

Credit Check

A credit check is one of the oldest methods of conducting a pre employment background check. And the information that it provides can be very useful to you and your company.
First, you should establish if a credit check is required for this role. Typically, a check is only necessary if the applicant will be responsible for any aspect of company finances.
It’s also important that this is considered one of the more intrusive ways of gathering info on an applicant. This is why many businesses only use this if there is not an alternative way of getting the information they require.
Nonetheless, a credit check is the best way to see how well a job candidate is able to manage their own money. This remains one of the best barometers for how well they will be able to manage someone else’s money.

Credentials Check

Another great way to check an applicant’s background is to examine their education and credentials. This lets you verify the information they have provided and also verify whether this person is the best fit for a job.
In some cases, applicants may be deliberately committing fraud by falsifying their education and credentials. In such cases, a check helps you weed out someone who might be a very dangerous hire.
In other cases, the applicant may simply have an education from a “diploma mill.” They may not be deliberately committing fraud, but you should still be wary of hiring someone with a substandard education, especially for important positions.

Reference Checks

Typically, the final element of a pre employment background check is to check the applicant’s references. This allows you to have individual conversations with those people who might vouch for an applicant’s quality.
It is important that you avoid asking the references any discriminatory questions. And if you are contacting references provided by the applicant, you may choose to take what they say with a grain of salt.
Ultimately, reference checks are one of the best tools for background checks. They allow you to talk with previous supervisors and coworkers and get a more three-dimensional view of a prospective hire.
Combined with the other checks, this should allow you to make your decision regarding whether to hire the candidate or not!

The Bottom Line

If you are reading this, then you care about creating the best workplace that you possibly can. And that means having the best employees to collaborate with.
You made sure they were the best when you conducted their pre employment background check. Now, you need to make sure to keep your chosen employees satisfied from day to day.
USA Today Classifieds are a great authority on starting and maintaining a quality business. To see how we can help improve your workplace, check out our genius ways to improve employee satisfaction.



Pre-Employment Background Check: What Does It Show?

Pre-Employment Background Check: What Does It Show?

May 22, 2020

What is an employment background check?

An employment background check is a screening process for potential, new and/or existing employees. Employee background checks are not one-size fits all. Background checks for employment vary from company to company and the process can even look different within a company based on the position itself.
Some employment background checks are performed in-house, meaning employees at the company oversee the process. Other background checks for employment use the help of a third-party to research the employee or candidate. The actual screening process can involve a number of tools and resources to help the employer find relevant information about the employee or candidate.
In the past, background checks for employment typically focused on confirming the facts presented by the applicant. Nowadays, the process is expanding to include more information and help confirm that the candidate will truly be a great addition to the company’s culture.
Some of the most common reasons that employers conduct employment background checks include:

Safety: When it comes to creating a successful business, one of the most basic things that employers have to keep an eye on is safety. The safety of the customer, employees and other vulnerable populations. On a practical level, if an employer creates an environment that is unsafe for any of those groups listed above, then the employer will likely be held liable and could face all sorts of consequences for that. In addition to avoiding liability claims, employers are compelled to provide a safe environment so that their employees can focus on their work, clients and customers have a positive experience and vulnerable populations have an ally. Building trust is a foundational component of becoming a successful business, and employers cannot build trust with their consumer or their employees if safety is not a top concern. Therefore, an employee background check is viewed as part of the process to prevent any threats to that sense of safety.

Want more job opportunities?

Use our free tool to help you pass an online screening when applying for a job.


Legal compliance: Employment background checks are routinely performed because legally the employer must. For example, government positions and jobs that deal directly with children or minors typically require an extensive employment background check. The employer cannot opt out of conducting or procuring a background check in cases like this.
Liability issues: Similar to safety, liability is a common reason that an employer will conduct a pre-employment background check. An employer will perform a job background check so that they aren’t blindly hiring someone who is an obvious liability. And if the employer finds something that could make this employee a liability, they can at least discuss this with their team or even ask the employee about it directly.
Company fit: A pre-employment background check also lets the employer get a sense of whether or not this candidate will be a good company fit. The employer can use the background check as a way to see if the employee’s values align with those of the company. Performing a job background check gives employers some insights into how a new employee will get along with co-workers and managers, and how the employee will likely adapt to this new work environment.
Again, what it is that employers are looking for when they perform these searches can vary based on the company or the position. In addition to the content listed above, employers performing an online screening are typically searching for red flags that suggest the candidate or employee may not be a good fit, as well as positive reinforcing factors. The majority of employers (72%) make sure that every single potential employee undergoes a job background check prior to hiring.
According to a study from Careerbuilder, here are even more specific things that employers look for, and the percentage of employers that use employment background checks to get this information:

Criminal background: 82%

Confirm employment: 62%

Confirm identity: 60%

Confirm education: 50%

Check for illegal drug use: 44%

Check licensing: 38%

And it doesn’t stop there either. Below are red flags that employers look for to decide whether or not to hire or fire a candidate or employee:
Common red flags include:

Derogatory Language

Sexually explicit materials

References to drug use

References to alcohol

Inflammatory talk about politics, religion, and race



Disparaging comments about your current job, coworkers, customers, etc.

Luckily, employers are also actively looking for positive reinforcing factors to confirm what they already know/hope to be true about you:
Some positive reinforcing factors include:

Demonstrated interest in your field

Demonstrated contribution to your industry

Work portfolio

Hobbies outside of work

Evidence of accomplishments/awards

Evidence  that you shared the truth about your  past professional experiences

Examples that show what makes you unique

When do employers perform an employee background check?

Many people think that they’re only undergoing employment background checks when they are applying for jobs. While a pre-employment background check is a standard part of the online screening process – it’s not the only time that employers will perform a job background check. Many companies continue background checks even after they’ve hired an employee. The frequency and extent of the background check for a current employee will likely vary based on the company’s policies and based on the nature of the employee’s position.
These kinds of background checks are often conducted:


Every 5 years

As a part of regular reviews

As part of the promotion process

What information is out there?

While pre-employment background checks are a standard part of the professional vetting process, it’s important to be aware of what it is your potential (or current) employer is likely to find. Remember, these screenings often combine government records as well as information from social media. When employers perform background checks, they’ll often enlist the help of third-parties for part or all of the process. And there are tons of options to choose from, many of which are fully automated and essentially function as databases that aggregate information and produce profiles for individuals based on this.
This combination of social media, yellow pages, public records and more show up on sites like:



And many more

Remember, in addition to the databases that gather information and create hubs of accurate information about you online, you will also be dealing with information about people who share your name online.
That means that employer background checks may turn up information about you that is inaccurate. If you don’t have a strong personal brand online, then a background check for job might disqualify you just because of a mistaken identity. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what happened to BrandYourself’s co-founder, Pete Kistler.
To learn more about the pre-employment background check and to fully answer the question, “What does a background check show for employment?”, read this article from the Society for Human Resource Management.

How to prepare for an employee background check

Whether you’re still in school, applying for jobs, or comfortable in your current job, you need to be prepared for an employment background check before it happens. You are subject to formal employment background checks as well as informal scans at any point as a professional. That’s why we suggest you take the following steps:
Scan: Find out what is currently out there about you online by doing a Google search for your name. Look through the first 10 pages of results to identify any search results that could damage your reputation. Make sure that you repeat this for any variations on your name or other keywords that people may use when looking you up online. Sign up for BrandYourself’s free DIY online reputation management software and our software will flag this automatically for you.
Clean up: Once you know what it is you’re dealing with, it’s time to get to work. Start with the low-hanging fruit. That is to say, start by removing any content that you control that could be a red flag to current or future employers. Once you’ve taken care of everything that you control, start addressing other types of negative content. We wrote a whole guide on dealing with negative search results.
Build and optimize your personal brand: Once you’ve taken all the steps you can to get rid of content that an employer might look at as a red flag, it’s time to create a brand that showcases who you are, what you’re great at and what makes you different from competitors. Your personal brand should show people why they want to work with you.
BrandYourself’s DIY software is built with your background check for employment in mind. So if you haven’t yet, sign up for free and our software will automatically scan your current web presence and show you the next steps you need to take to improve it.

What to do when you aren’t looking for a job or getting an employment background check

It’s easy to focus on how you look online when job-hunting, but you should focus on your brand when you don’t “need” to. First of all, there’s a good chance that you’re being looked up by clients, customers, partners, co-workers – and even your employer when you are employed and not actively seeking a new job. And why not help your future job-seeking self out when there’s less pressure?
The easiest way to prepare for an unexpected employment background check or an informal online screening is to:

Regularly scan and monitor your online presence

Deal with any negative search results as soon as possible

Consistently build your personal brand by being active on social media and keeping your website up to date and connecting with others

Take advantage of positive growth opportunities presented to you through your online brand

By consistently taking the steps needed to improve your personal brand, you not only help yourself in the future when you’re looking for the next job, but you open doors to opportunities that you might not have gotten otherwise. As you work towards building a strong personal brand today you’re creating a hub that shows others who you are and what you do. You also create the opportunity to demonstrate your industry knowledge and share your valuable experiences with others.
By intentionally developing your personal brand, you also make it easier for others to get in touch with you. Not only does this increase your chances for opportunities like speaking gigs, conferences, interviews, partnerships, etc – but it shows your current (and next) employer that you are truly engaged in your industry and someone worth investing in.
And remember, a pre-employment background check is only one kind of online screening.
You will undergo online screenings during just about any application or vetting process, such as:

School/training programs




Applying for loans/mortgages

Renting/Buying Property

Admission to service groups, etc

Meeting someone new

Networking events


New Friends

Interest Groups







And much more

But don’t let any of this scare you. This just shows you why you need to work on your personal brand whether you’re actively undergoing employment background checks, or are subject to the informal background check. Screenings or a constant part of life today whether you realize it or not, so let that fact work in your favor by building a strong personal brand.

How BrandYourself can help

At BrandYourself, we believe that everyone is entitled to the tools and knowledge needed to successfully manage their personal brand online. That’s why we’ve spent years developing cutting-edge software and world-class managed services and a commitment to transparency. Taking control of how you look online is a necessity if you’re applying for a job, but it’s also critical even if you aren’t. Whether you use our free DIY online reputation management software or work with our Managed Services, BrandYourself can help you build a reputation online that you’re proud of.
There’s no need to worry about your next employment background check or casual Google search from your next date.

Pre-Employment Background Check: What Does It Show?
Pre-Employment Background Check: What Does It Show?

Tags: Pre-Employment Background Check What Does It Show

What does a background check show for pre-employment screening??

What does a background check show for pre-employment screening??


 Criminal Background , Employer

Every hire offers a new opportunity for productivity, but every person added to your team also presents a business risk. Performing background checks during pre-employment screening can help confirm your hiring decision and keep your business profitable and productive.

What does a background check show for employment?

What shows up on a background check depends on what which type of search you order, since there are several different sets of records and data to pull from. Generally speaking, a background check for employment may show identity verification, employment verification, credit history, driver’s history, criminal records, education confirmation, and more.
Employers gather a wealth of information in order to evaluate a candidate’s character and help protect against the wrong hire. Read on to learn the various types of background checks for employment, what they may show, and why they matter.

What does a background check consist of?

Although there are many different types of background checks, employers are usually concerned with the top three searches. The most common pre-employment searches include:

1. Identity and Social Security Verification

By searching extensive databases such as the Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records, a background check for employment can show whether or not a Social Security number is valid, who it belongs to, and if it’s been used in the past.

Identification verification may also be used to verify an address, which can be cross-referenced to the information provided by a job applicant to detect inaccuracies.

2. Credit Report

Credit reports are prepared by credit bureaus who collect information from a variety of sources. For example, credit card companies and financial institutions furnish data to credit bureaus, who in turn maintain records on consumers.

Although credit reporting agencies do not necessarily have identical information, the general categories of information that show on a background check include:

Identifying Information
Credit bureaus can provide identifying information such as name, date of birth, and address.

Credit Inquiries

Credit reports contain a list of past credit inquiries, identifying retailers, financial institutions, and other lenders have requested a consumer’s credit report..

Tradelines show accounts established with lenders. It could include of the date the account was opened, the type of account opened (mortgage, auto loan, credit card, etc.), the loan amount or credit limit, the account’s current balance, and the borrower’s payment history.

Public Records
Credit reports may show previous bankruptcies.

Credit reports can reveal many potential warning signs in an applicant, especially if your new hire will regularly be handling money. High levels of debt or excessive spending on assets could indicate financial irresponsibility.

3. Criminal Records

If an employer knows—or should have known—about an employee’s relevant criminal background, they may face negligent hiring claims if the employee is accused of further wrongdoing. What shows up on a background check for employment may help safeguard business owners by revealing histories of criminal convictions.

Criminal background checks for employment may show criminal offenses at the county, state, and federal level. Various offenses which may be reported include:

Current pending charges

Misdemeanor convictions

Felony convictions

Acquitted charges

Dismissed charges

Employers should take caution when evaluating what shows up on this form of background check for employment.
Depending on the type of job employers are hiring for, they might require additional information from their candidates and ask for more information on their background check for employment. Further searches include options such as motor vehicle and driving records, employment history, education verification, reference checks, and drug screening.
Why does it matter what a background check shows?
The consequences of making the wrong hire are staggering. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, almost 27 percent of U.S. employers said that just one bad hire has cost their company more than $50,000


The U.S. Department of Labor supports this claim; according to their reports, the cost of the wrong hire can add up to at least 30 percent of the individual’s first-year earnings. Depending on the position’s salary rate, this can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars. Why are these costs so extensive? Termination expenses. You may be required to pay additional healthcare expenses and, in some cases, face litigation expenses should your ex-employee choose to take legal action. Having to replace a bad hire can also be expensive; you’ll likely need to provide training courses, employment testing, orientation services, and more.

So how do modern business owners get a more complete picture of their job applicants to avoid a bad hire? With pre-employment screening.
There are several different methods employers may use for pre-employment screening, and what shows up on a background check will vary depending on which service is chosen:

A traditional background check company may provide a wealth of information including military records and license verification. Although they may be thorough, these packaged services are usually costly and time consuming, forcing small business owners to pay for exhaustive background checks that may not be necessary.

Online people searches are a do-it-yourself form of background checks that show public information obtained online. Employers may type a job candidate’s name into a search engine and check for results on business pages or social media sites. While these searches are usually free, such types of background checks consist of information that may be unreliable, out of date, or out of context.

Instead of asking yourself “How long does it take for a background check?” or figuring out how to do a background check online by yourself, turn to quick and easy screening solutions offered by ShareAble for Hires.

ShareAble for Hires offers reliable, trustworthy, and comprehensive pre-employment screening that can help ensure you have a more complete picture of your job applicant. Through criminal reports, credit history, and identity verification, you can confirm your hiring decision and ensure your applicant meets your criteria.

Know Your Applicant’s Background with a Criminal History Check

Keeping your business safe should be priority, and running criminal background checks on job applicants can protect your company, employees, and customers.
TransUnion data shows that nearly 1 in 4 reports contain a criminal record.  If you’re hiring for a position that requires direct contact with the public or handling cash, sensitive financial data, or sensitive personal information, it can be especially important to check your applicant’s criminal report.
ShareAble for Hires scours 300 million national and state criminal records. Our criminal reports glean information from Most Wanted databases, the Sex Offender Public Registry, and criminal databases from 43 states.
Because there are many legal regulations regarding the use of criminal reports while hiring, it’s important you conduct a background screening process that follows federal and state laws.  ShareAble for Hires criminal reports offer FCRA-regulated data, providing you with the relevant criminal history information needed to effectively screen potential employees.

When you use ShareAble for Hires for background checks, you’ll receive a criminal history report that includes search results from:

300 million criminal records

Felony and misdemeanor criminal records from state and local jurisdictions in 43 states

Most Wanted databases

National Sex Offender Public Registry

Records from federal agencies, including:

a. the Drug Enforcement Administration

b. the FBI

c. Homeland Security

d. the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives,

e. S. Marshals, the U.S. Secret Service, and the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control

Get a Picture of Your Applicant’s Financial Situation with a Credit Report

Why should you consider a job candidate’s credit report? Bad credit isn’t enough reason to dismiss a candidate, but the financial patterns and habits shown in their credit history might better indicate a candidate’s fitness. Getting a more complete picture of your applicant’s financial background can help you better determine the risk. You may decide to have stronger financial criteria for applicants who will be regularly handling money, and a credit report can be useful in determining the financial trustworthiness of your applicant.
Employers often use credit history to gauge a job applicant’s level of responsibility, but good money habits can also be important to specific categories of companies and positions. Does the position in question involve the handling of money? Will your hire have access to the company’s sensitive financial information? Knowing whether a candidate manages their finances responsibly can help you determine if they’ll handle your company’s finances responsibly as well.
ShareAble for Hires draws its credit reports from TransUnion, a trusted, reliable credit reporting agency with over 40 years of experience.
When you use ShareAble for Hires for pre-employment background checks, you receive a credit report that include:

Recent employment history*

Verification of name, address, and social security number

A summary of active accounts and credit lines

Any debts incurred, including credit card debt, mortgage and car payments, and student loans

Payment history

 *Not all employment history may be available or contained within a credit report.

Identity Verification Confirms Your Applicant is Who They Say They Are

Identity theft reached an all-time high in 2016. New data from Javelin Strategy & Research shows an estimated 15.4 million consumers were impacted by some type of identity theft. That means almost 1 in 16 U.S adults were victims of identity theft in the past year alone.
What does this mean for your business? As an employer, you should be confident that you know exactly who you’re hiring. To ensure job applicants are straightforward and forthcoming with their histories, it’s essential to verify their identity.
ShareAble for Hires offers built-in identity verification with each screening package so you know your applicant is who they say they are.  Applicants enter their information into the system and answer a series of personal questions to confirm their identity and grant consent to screening.

The process is done entirely online so you can screen whenever it’s most convenient for you. All applications and reports are kept on your employer dashboard so you can manage and refer to applications in once place.


Finding an honest, responsible and trustworthy employee is no simple task, but ShareAble for Hires makes it easier. Make faster, better-informed hiring decisions with ShareAble for Hires pre-employment screening services.  With criminal reports, credit histories, and identity verification delivered to you in minutes, you’ll have the information you need to support your hiring decision

What does a background check show for pre-employment screening??

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What does a background check show for pre-employment screening??