Scam Me If You Can By A Crook

It’s ago called catch me if you can and it was about a guy named Frank Abigail who is a real guy who conned people out so many different ways and committed so many crimes pretending to be different things like an airline pilot at one time and the doctor another time and he was able to pull this off and con people over and over again that he was things he was not well he ended up getting caught and turned out to be a very valuable resource once he changed his Ways and got a ethical compass and now he does the opposite he tells people how not to get conned has some things you need to know.

He has a book called scam me if you can I wanna tell you that there’s something that he says is the most important thing you’ve got to know about this is a testified committee just a couple weeks ago this exact thing not knowing that this was what he said you needed to make sure you didn’t do and that is any social media any social media most prominently on Facebook never never never not ever publish your birthdate never never not ever publish where are you why those two things because he says those two pieces of information it takes 98% of the way to stealing your identity in full and people on social media routinely on your birthday you know get all kinds of birthday wishes from people and all that to have that kind of stuff and people are down on social media and make their lives and their past so just remember those two items are so valuable things that he stresses you should do.

Do not answer a call if it’s not form a Family member or friend he also says the same thing you don’t want to answer because it says it’s you happen to do business with Bank of America Bank of America or whatever it is company or government agency or whatever do not trust it is actually from them don’t answer that call because nothing good comes from a lot of time its a ufo call trying to record your voice and get a yes or no out of you and then they take that completely different question and then may try to get you in a contract with them for Who knows what.  Don’t answer that phone voicemail call voicemail and then you call him back but you check the number fours will you call back any government agency or any company somethings you can learn a lot from a crook.  I want you to know that the Internet technology It’s made it so much easier for the crooks and I don’t wanna make you paranoid I want to make you careful.

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Most common way people have money stolen from them is social media

in social media most common way that people have money stolen from them is on social media know why did I just repeat that so people are contacted more often on social media by scamsters than any other method and they're very effective at converting those contacts into stealing money from people second most common websites where people are going to a website maybe Craigslist eBay something like that and they see something they want to buy and so they like to purchase and they got nothing or get something different than what was represented and I remember long ago we had been ripped off on eBay and there was an offer on auction on eBay to get a used Chevy Blazer long time smaller SUV and so the person supposedly won the eBay auction paid the money and what showed up was not a Chevy Blazer SUV but actually a Blazer jacket with the Chevy logo on and the person was horrified and also at the same time. It was in a sick way kind of funny they got taken that way but I want you to know that people misrepresenting selling things online and people misrepresenting what they're about what they're doing on social media or bye for now or an away the greatest ways that people engage with a crook a con artist and the greatest possibility that you'll end up having money taken from you more than five times likely to get taken on social media actually lose money on social media than they are with a con artist on the phone that's pretty Stark compared to con artist that work the mail and send letters to you for stuff that turns out to be phony investment or whatever it would be there four times more likely than they are through so I just want you to know but it has two sides that coin she used a lot of ways for your purposes.

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