Most common way people have money stolen from them is social media

in social media most common way that people have money stolen from them is on social media know why did I just repeat that so people are contacted more often on social media by scamsters than any other method and they're very effective at converting those contacts into stealing money from people second most common websites where people are going to a website maybe Craigslist eBay something like that and they see something they want to buy and so they like to purchase and they got nothing or get something different than what was represented and I remember long ago we had been ripped off on eBay and there was an offer on auction on eBay to get a used Chevy Blazer long time smaller SUV and so the person supposedly won the eBay auction paid the money and what showed up was not a Chevy Blazer SUV but actually a Blazer jacket with the Chevy logo on and the person was horrified and also at the same time. It was in a sick way kind of funny they got taken that way but I want you to know that people misrepresenting selling things online and people misrepresenting what they're about what they're doing on social media or bye for now or an away the greatest ways that people engage with a crook a con artist and the greatest possibility that you'll end up having money taken from you more than five times likely to get taken on social media actually lose money on social media than they are with a con artist on the phone that's pretty Stark compared to con artist that work the mail and send letters to you for stuff that turns out to be phony investment or whatever it would be there four times more likely than they are through so I just want you to know but it has two sides that coin she used a lot of ways for your purposes.

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