Get hired at a police department Pass The Polygraph

Get hired at a police department now I know what you're thinking right now you're a police officer why would you help people learn how to lie to pass the police exam why didn't say that did I I'm not going to teach you to lie don't want you to lie on a police polygraph I want you to tell the truth understand how it operates and what the sum of the true purpose is by the polygraph are so that you can go into that test arm having disclosed the truth your background investigator and still pass that text and why that's important if the polygraph is not a true scientific measure of line it's a lot of pseudoscience which is another name for a load of crap and because of that there are going to be false positives people that are telling the truth a polygraph operator are prepared disclosed everything that should be disclosed in your background you were going to do better on that polygraph examiner you're going to pass it and then yeah and avoid the embarrassment and the stigma of failing a test.